History of Jhalana Leopard Reserve

Histoy of Leopard Safari Jaipur

Jhalana Leopard Safari is well recognized as Jhalana Forest since the Jaipur was a princely state. It was well known as hunting place rather than the wildlife safari in Jaipur.

Jhalana Leopard Safari

Jhalana Amagarh forest block is a part of Aravalli range. Before commencement of Leopard Safari in 2018 it was conserved as forest block by Forest Department.  But its historical importance can be traced with the presence of Shikar Oudhi (Hunting Place) located somewhere in centre region of Jhalana Leopard Safari.

Jhalana: A wildlife attraction

In 19th century Jhalana was a hunting place. Therefore the watch tower like structure Shikar Oudhi was built in the forest area. This Shikar Oudhi (Hunting Place) was built with the purpose of hunting therefor the whole forest block can be seen along with the city view and amazing sunset view. 

Jhalana Leopard Safari
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