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Leopard Safari Jaipur

Leopard Safari Jaipur is always an hot discussion among wildlifers due to sudden rise and popularity in short span of time.

jhalana leopard safari jaipur

Leopard Safari Jaipur is located in southern east part of Jaipur Pinkcity covering about 30 sqkm area in Aravali Range. It creates an important tourist place in Jaipur due to its wildlife adventure importance. In 2018 it was developed as leopard reserve which is India’s first leopard reserve which has conserved more than 30 leopards in the heartland of Jaipur.

Wildlife Fun at Jhalana Leopard Safari Park


Since 2018 Jhalana Leopard Safari has emerged a favourite tourism destination which is attracting local and international tourist. The safari route give a full on adventures in the hills of Aravalli range with the foremost Jaipur city views. So if you are a wildlife admirer it must me at the top place to visit.

leopard safari jhalana jaipur

A unique ecosystem at Leopard Safari Jaipur

The leopard is on the top of food chain of Jhalana Lepard Reserve. Apart from leopards, stiped hyenas are most available wild animal is Jhalana leopard reserve. Along with Leopards and hyenas, blue bulls, spotted deers, desrt fox, jackals, rusty spotted cat can also be seen in Jhalana Leopard Safari.

Jhalana leopard safari

Why should you visit Jhalana Leopard Safari ?

  • Avifauna Checklist 132 Species
  • Mammal Checklist 33 Species
  • Reptiles 20 Species
  • Flora Checklist 220 Species
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