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jhalana leopard safari

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Leopard Safari Jhalana

Leopard Safari Jhalana is a rich from fauna diversity point of view. An ecotourism site can be identified by it rich diversity of plants and animal. The habitat of kho hills makes it rich with fauna diversity.



Since 2018 Jhalana Leopard Safari Jaipur has emerged a weekend eco-tourism centre due to presence of Leopards and the rich fauna diversity at Jhalana Leopard Reserve. The Leopard safari route gives a full of joy in the hills of Kho where you encounter with various wildlife animals. You can plan to discover The Leopard Safari Jhalana.

Recent forestry development in the Jhalana Leopard Reserve also helped to maintain and nurture rich heritage of fauna diversity at Leopard Safari Jhalana. The Leopard is a keystone species in the Jhalana Leopard Reserve. With king leopard, hyenas, rusty spotted cat,blue bulls, spotted deer, desert fox, jackals make rich to fauna diversity at Jhalana Leopard Safari.

Jhalana leopard safari
Jhalana leopard safari

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Avifauna Checklist

Indian Pitta, Asian Paradise Fly catchers, Eurasian and 132 species.


Flora Checklist

Salar, Kumta, Tortlis, Khejri, Goya Kher Juliflora 220 species in Jhalana Leopard Reserve


Mammals Checklist

32 Species including Leopard, rusty cat, Striped hyenas, desert fox, blue bulls,


Reptiles Checklist

Reptiles checklist of Jhalana Leopard Reserve includes 20 species of reptiles

Jhalana Leopard Safari

Amazing Safari. Leopard Safari Jhalana

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