10 reasons to visit Jhalana Leopard Safari Park

10 reasons to visit Jhalana Lepard Safari Park

Jhalana Leopard Safari Jaipur has its unique wildlife importance among the forest and wildlife conservatives. 

leopard safari jhalana

Before being developing as Jhalana Leopard Safari Park it was protected as forest. Though there were leopards in the forest area even at that time about it was  not conserved as of now. Later on Government of Rajasthan decided to develop it Jhalana Leopard Reserve and it 2018 Jhalana Leopard Safari Park was officially inaugurated and made open for Leopard safari in Jaipur. Here find the 10 reasons to visit Jhalana Leopard Safari Park.  

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Jhalana Leopard Safari

Good Presence of Leopards

Sometimes Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is called land of leopards due to good presence of leopards in small geographical area in middle of Pickcity Jaipur. Jhalana Leopard Reserve has more than 30 leopards in small area of about  20 sq km. Buy the good pray base and conservation efforts made it land of leopards in the middile of populated area in Jaipur. It is most talking leopard safari in India due to good sighting of leopard in safari time.

Avifauna at Leopard Safari Jhalana

There are 132 species of avifauna which have been recorded by the forest administration as part of conservation efforts. Its richness in avifauna attracts to people who are devoted for nature along with the wildlife safari in Jaipur. You may be witness of these species of Avifauna during your leopard safari visit at Jhalana.

Jhalana Leopard Safari
Jhalana Leopard Safari

Part of Ecotourism circuit

In 2018 Government has proposed Jhalana Leopard Safari to be included in Ecotourism circuit along with other ecotourism center in Rajasthan. It shows the importance of Jhalana Leopard Safari in the field of wildlife conservation. Here interpretation center, Waiting louse, cafeteria and other facilities were developed to attract tourist at Jhalana Forest reserve. 

Flora Diversity at Leopard Safari Jhalana

There are more than 220 species of flora in Jhalana leopard safari. You find this floral diversity in the hills of Kho which is part of Aravalli range. It is great to see the flora diversity and its richness during leopard safari visit in Jaipur. You can carry out some research activities with prior approval of administration.

Jhalana Leopard Safari
Jhalana Leopard Safari

Addon to Golden Triangle

Jaipur is part of golden triangle. Many visitors come to Jaipur as a part of visit of Golden Triangle. Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is an addon to their visit in Jaipur. You will get the chance to see leopards in forest area. You can book your leopard safari Jhalana visit ass per your convenient time. Every time you will be witness of leopard in Jhalana Leopard Safari. 

Plan with Krishna Circuit Visit

Galtaji is part of Government project of Krishna Circuit in Rajasthan. Jhalana Leopard Reserve is very near to Galtaji. Even Government of Rajasthan has proposed second leopard safari in Galta i.e. Galta Leopard Safari also. Galta Leopard Safari will also start very soon. Therefor you can easily schedule your visit along with Krishna Circuit visit. 

Jhalana Leopard Safari
Jhalana Leopard Safari

Jhalana unique example of Urban Forest

Jhalana Leopard Safari Park is great success of urban forest. It is working as oxygen bank in Jaipur as it is in city area. In recent year many conservation and plantation works in Jhalana Leopard Safari have made it good example of urban forest management. Therefor it is great idea to see the forest with leapards in city area in surrounded by the populated area in Jaipur.

Fauna at Jhalana Safari Park

There are 32 Species of fauna which have been recoreded so far. Leopard itself is a keystone specie in the ecosystem which is unique identity of Jhalana leopard safari. Recently Rare Rusty-spotted Cat Prionailurusrubiginosus was spotted in Jhalana Leopard safari Park. It would be better you see the most of the speici in your leopard safari in Jaipur.

Jhalana Leopard Safari

History of Jhalana Leopard Safari

Fauna of Jhalana Leopard Safari

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FAQ of Leopard Safari Jaipur

Jhalana Leopard Safari

Attraction in World Heritage City

Every third visitor who come in India visits to Jaipur due to its attraction. It describe the importance of Jaipur in tourism industry.  It is a better idea to include Jhalana Leopard Safari visit in your Jaipur tour plan. It will be memorable to see leopard very near to your. You can plan Leopard Safari in Jaipur in any shift (moeing/evening) depending upon your schedule to visit. 

Reptiles in Leopard Safari Jaipur

There are 20 Species of reptiles which  have been observed in Jhalana Leopard Reserve. These species were identified with efforts of forest administration, wildlifers and volunteers. Various research activities are being carry out to find the reptiles in Jhalana Forest reserve. But it is most exciting place even for wildlife researchers also. 

Jhalana Leopard Safari
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