Avifauna at Jhalana Leopard Reserve

Jhalana Leopard Safari

Jhalana Leopard Safari

The forest of Jhalana Leopard Reserve is especially known for witnessing Indian Leopard. Jhalana leopard safari and jhalana safari is claimed to possess more than 30 leopards living in its small area of about 20 sq km. Additionally to the leopard, blue bull, jungle cat, Grey Mangoose, spotted deer, small Indian mongoose are among the opposite major attractions of Jhalana Leopard Safari. Apart from Mammals the Leopard Safari Jhalana has great attraction of beautiful avifauna. 

132 Species In Avifauna

Avifauna Attractions Of Leopard Safari Jhalana

The Jhalana Leopard Safari or Jhalana Leopard reserve is great biodiversity centre from avifauna point of view. Many wildlifers and the forest administration have tracked the checklist of 132 avifauna species. With the appreciated conservation efforts at Leoprard Safari Jhalana, all the avifauna are conserved and played good role from research and awareness perspective.  

Leopard is keystone specie at Jhalana Leopard Reserve but the ecosystem developed in the Aravalli Range in Jhalana Leopard Safari has witnessed beautiful capturing of Avifauna in the mid of hills covering under beautiful flora near the city of Jaipur. 

In the year of 2016 Leopard was the main attraction at Jhalana Leopard Reserve but when Wildlifers and Forest Department started to explore the Land of Jhalana Leopard, many species are found which were not in previous records. If you are great admirer of Avifauna you must visit Jhalana Leopard Safari and should explore the great movement of Avifauna at Land of Leopard. Here in the hills of Kho you will find the adventurous sighting of birds during Jhalana Leopard Safari time. Here is the list of some of avifauna available at Jhalana Leopard Reserve. You must check out the list of Avifauna of Leopard Safari Park and plan your visit at Leopard Safari Jhalana.

jhalana leopard safari

Grey Francolin

Indian Peafowl

Jungle Bush Quail

Cattle Egret

Indian Pond Heron

Eurasian Hobby

Peregrine Falcon

Bonnellis Eagle


Common Buzzard

Common Kestrel

Crested serpent eagle

Black Kite

Eurasian Sparrow Hawk

Egyptian Vulture

Black Eagle

Black Winged Kite

Long Legged Buzzard

Northern Goshawk

Oriental Honey Buzzard


Short Toed Snake Eagle


White Eyed Buzzard

White Breasted Waterhen

Yellow Legged Button Quail

Eurasian Thicknee

Black Winged Stilt

Red Wattled Lapwing

Green Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper

Paiiited Sandgrouse

Euasian Collared Dove

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